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First impression always count

The saying “first impressions always count” could not be more applicable to website visitors.

We provide enterprise-level web development services that are extremely easy to operate and give a streamlined user experience. A simple boost in load time from one to three seconds can result in a 32% rise in bounce rate.

How your website looks, reads and functions can have a huge impact on how the viewers will respond to it. A neat and nicely presented design will allow audience to easily navigate through it and understand your brand. A good and unique design will attract and engage new audience.

Good looking websites attract high number of visitors – 38% of people say they will avoid interacting with websites if the content or layout is unappealing. And, when it comes to having a user-friendly website, 95% of online consumers say it is the most important characteristic.

Exploration and project brief

This is the crucial stage of ensuring the website matches your brand identity and image. We dedicate our time getting to know your business and brand to understand your vision, target market, market appeal to boost your growth potential. We will listen to your requirements of what you want to achieve, and we will advice the best possible solutions. This initial process is us working closely with your brand to deliver an exceptional website.

Layout & Visual appearance

Websites are a very visual platform for your business to portray itself, hence it is crucial to have a website design that speaks to the values of your brand.

There is no one size fits all approach of website development which is why every project is unique. Creating an engaging website today is easy but ensuring that it works seamlessly is our objective. We make sure that your website not only looks good but also functions effortlessly. Our designs are created to function effortlessly in every interface, including mobile, desktop, laptop, and tablet/pad. As certified specialists, we are competent with a wide range of technologies including WordPress, Shopify, Open Cart, Square Space, Wix to name a few of the Content Management Systems we work with.

Our designers have the skill and creativity your website requires, from ensuring elements of the site emerge and disappear at the proper time to improve load times to ensuring navigation is both interesting and effective.

Creative and engaging content

Our goal is to captivate you and your audience with an incredible design to uplift your brand image. To resonate with your audience’s interests and expectation. Website branding is done not just to provide you an online presence but also to set you apart from the crowd of competitors.

Whether you are looking to launch fresh or wanting to upgrade/makeover your current website, our experts will work closely with you to create a cohesive online identity that encourages engagement and trust to build lost last relationships.

Creativity is the soul of our team, and we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to create beautiful designs and engaging content. Our content creators love and breathe content marketing; our goal is to put your company in the spotlight, giving it the exposure, recognition, and quality links, it deserves.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and blogging tailored to delight your target audience will drive visitors to your website. Do not underestimate the power of words — an interesting blog may make a HUGE impact in the ROI of your eCommerce website. We are avid fans of all things content, and we would love to share our enthusiasm with you.

Blogs can give your website the returns it needs. It can help increase your leads, achieve positive ROI, and help you receive more links to the website. Content is king when it comes to blogging. Our content creatives are experts in writing engaging and relatable content. Their goal when creating blogs is to give both context and provide valuable information to get your targeted audience talking about your brand. Our team of creatives are storytellers and are capable of sharing your story and expertise with your readers through their content. From coming up with a catchy headline to creating an interesting storyline, they know it all. Whether it is informative, news, or company updates blogs, there is not much we cannot produce.

Will blogging help my business?

A well-researched blog is a terrific asset that can provide numerous benefits to your organisation. Blogs not only assist to engage your site’s audience, but they can also help you rank higher in search results, making it easier for potential consumers to find you. Blogs can be used to supply content for email marketing as well as to supplement your social media strategy.

If you don’t have the time or resources in-house to maintain a blog, we are the ideal solution for you. We will develop a content marketing strategy for your company, selecting and producing content that will appeal to your target market. A consistent, well-written blog not only helps you rank higher, but it also significantly improves results for eCommerce firms in a variety of industries.

Call to action (CTA)

Call to action is a prompt on the website that instructs the user to take some specified action. It a key element on a webpage, and acts as a signpost that lets users know where to head next.

Lack of CTA can leave the user puzzled on what next, which may result in them leaving the website. It can help remove friction in moving the user down the sales funnel.

Our team has created many websites and knows the importance of CTA. We carefully place CTAs into your page to enhance user experience and increase your sales.

We use an interactive approach to keep the user engaged and moving towards the goal on converting them as a customer. Our CTAs are focused on grabbing attention without being too pushy but instead by highlighting the interests of users.

Our promise is best UI and high-performance design with carefully crafted content with the right call to action that can make your website sing all together.

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