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We believe that good content delivers growth. Social media is a powerful way for businesses to engage with their audience.

Everyone is now on some type of social media. And when we say “everyone,” we mean 3.03 billion users! This emphasises the necessity of correctly targeting your audience. During the downtime of your audience, your brand’s official platforms must provide social marketing with relevant and interesting social messages.

Our social media management team has expertise working on a diverse spectrum of brands from a variety of industries. We will assist you in developing interesting content while increasing and nurturing your audience, converting your followers into dedicated brand ambassadors.

Engaging content on social media can boost your brand from the rest and help you build an audience that will convert into customers. Presence on a combination of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc., can help you develop your company into a reputable brand.

Social media channels

We are social media specialists and have deep end-to-end knowledge of how to utilise different social media for business. We understand each social media platform and know that an omni-channel approach is essential in today’s ever changing digital landscape. We will work with your brand to amplify your story digitally via various channels that best suit each campaign and your brand.

There is a common misconception that you need to be present on social media channels. Though our belief is that it is far more effective to choose channels that your target audience are using with a bespoke and inspired social media strategy. A weak presence on too many channels may even affect your business negatively. So, leave it to us and we will figure out what fits your brand the best.

Once we have a deep understanding of your brand, it will be our job to tell write your story in a way that ensures maximum ROI.

Content creation

Creating engaging content should be recognized as a talent. Which means our talented team really know the ins and out of writing and creating appealing content. Carefully crafted content drives revenue and generates exposure by ticking all the right boxes of customers’ needs and interests.

Our experts will explore where your brand stands and advice the best solution that make your target audience buy into your brand values. We will create a monthly content calendar that outlines your social media plan for your brand that will be published by us, so you can focus your energy on serving those new leads. Our motto is to captivate and convert.

Lastly, creating and running social media can be tricky, but if there is a trick of the trade, we know it.

Here’s how the process works –

Audit and analysis

We can find areas that could improve from a well-rounded, targeted social strategy by taking a look around your present social platforms. From profile optimisation to audience assessment and social brand management, we can relieve the burden of running the social media yourself.

Our team will construct a character for your consumers in order to target the correct people on social media. Using our research, we will create your ideal consumer persona and utilise it to target their likes and demands, as well as adapt the material we deliver to them.

We analyse your social presence to that of your competitors to determine where we should focus our efforts in order to be the greatest rival for them. We can offer you an idea of where we can take your brand based on our broad expertise of both social media and your industry.

Strategy development

We will create a detailed and engaging social strategy to establish the next steps to keep your brand relevant on social once we know which route we need to take and who you want to reach. We will describe intended spend as well as expected reach and engagement for sponsored social campaigns.

Plan and build

No more wasting time once the strategy has been established. We will develop monthly social media agenda that include daily updates and custom media assets. We will also plan out any advertisements we intend to run, including creatives.

This is where the real work begins, when all of our research and development of your campaign strategy is put into action. You will retain ownership of your social platforms; we will only monitor activity on your behalf.

Updating and reporting

We review your pages across all platforms and make tweaks and changes to assist increase your visibility and interaction. We report on important changes on the fly using a number of social tracking and reporting technologies – this is real-time surveillance to guarantee you are keeping on top of your reputation across social.

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