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With Jaytech’s SEO services, you can ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. We keep your business ahead of the competition, by combining elements from technical SEO to content development and link development. Every day, 5.6 billion internet searches are performed. That is why SEO is so important.

SEO is a difficult beast to master. It does not happen overnight, and it needs hard work and understanding. Things are continuously changing due to the complicated algorithms used by Google and the other major search engines, and utilising an agency can help you keep up with the trends and algorithm upgrades.

For a dependable SEO plan, content, technical optimisation, and authority optimisation must all be combined. Our SEO service specialises in each category, ensuring that your website receives the full treatment, including ongoing optimisation of your visitors’ intent and conversion rate. We understand the necessity of good SEO because search engines drive 300 percent more traffic to websites than social media.

SEO is a vital approach to generate ROI by providing highly focused traffic to your website’s landing pages, in addition to propelling you up the search engine results. Our team of professionals will employ search engine optimisation to fine-tune your product pages in order to outrank the competition.

Audit and analysis

We will conduct an audit to determine your current positioning, taking into account all ranking criteria in order to help you climb the SERPs. With our team of technical SEO professionals and in-house content creators, we will create the ideal SEO approach to help you achieve your objectives. In addition, we will also look at what is everyone else doing in your industry to gain some insight into what can be integrated into your strategy to help surpass them.

Keyword list

Our research techniques and knowledge of various industries allows us to find the right keywords related to your business. SEO revolves around keywords and it the important to discover what suits your business the best. Once we figure out the list, we analyse and research those keywords so find out their effectiveness in the current google search at the time.

Content plan

The content on your website needs to stand out to ensure the website does not get lost in the sea of competitors. Our goal to create content that is better than what is already out there. We work of the satisfaction part of the page, meaning creating the website content that satisfies the search intent for the chosen keywords. Our design will allow user engagement, as our focus is creating visually appealing content that hooks the viewers in.

Publish and Update

Once all the features are ticked, we publish the content. But it goes beyond just getting the foot in. Constant updating with improved content ensure your SEO strategy succeeds.

We will also conduct On-site optimisation, which prepares your website for search engines and users. To transmit unambiguous keyword signals to search engine robots, we optimise content, titles and descriptions, URLs, and internal links.


We simplify things by delivering useful data with a story that allows us to collaboratively make better decisions about the strategy moving forward. Your SEO approach will be monitored to verify that you are on the right track.

We will periodically analyse the efforts to develop better strategies.

Our strategy the drives overall success is SEO+GOOD CONTENT+REPUTATION= GROWTH

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