Strategies to help you better retain customers

Finding new customers is an essential aspect of any business. This is what will generate revenue. However, it is critical to create experiences that encourage customer loyalty in order to promote growth and sustainability.

Customer retention is not only financially viable but also an excellent branding exercise since it allows you to wow your customers and turn them into brand ambassadors — if they like you, they’ll refer others to you for free! As a business, you must master the art of client retention and engagement in order to generate repeat transactions. Additionally, you should create brand affinity successfully so that your clients can convince others to support you as well. The most effective approach to accomplish these goals is through the use of a combination of tried-and-true customer retention tactics.

Provide “surprises” in terms of customer service

We usually anticipate wonderful gifts for our birthday. We all enjoy being surprised. Consider a significant offer you could provide to your clients – without their awareness – when it comes to nurturing them. Surprises strike unexpectedly. They are not planned. Surprise presents or special incentives do not have to be expensive.

If you want clients to stick around and trust your brand, you should go above and beyond the standard service or product you give. Customers are motivated by surprises. It can take the form of acknowledgement. And gratitude is a powerful motivator for effort. In other words, when people are appreciated, they get enthusiastic about their work. Reciprocate positive actions. Surprising your clients encourages them to provide candid comments about your product and brand.

Reduce response times for customers

You know why live chat is the most popular technique of customer service? Because it is the quickest.

Response time is crucial in customer service, and this guideline holds true regardless of the support channel you choose (email, live chat, phone, etc.). Indeed, customer service is responsible for 56 per cent of customers being loyal to businesses.

Add a live chat facility to your website as a tip. With live chat, you can answer consumer concerns at the moment of sale, hence increasing conversions. Additionally, it makes clients feel valued, which increases their likelihood of returning to your business for future transactions.

Additionally, it is essential to include an estimate of the time required to resolve the issue. Notifying consumers of the anticipated time frame for resolving their complaints helps moderate their expectations. Additionally, this provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that you keep your promises and are always on schedule.

Additionally, you could automate replies. Automation decreases your burden while providing immediate access to the information your consumers desire. This can be accomplished by posting comprehensive self-help pages and utilising chatbots to assist clients in navigating through frequently asked questions.

Maintain contact and promote engagement to foster longer-lasting connections

Notify your consumers about specials, rewards programmes, new products, and other items you believe they’ll find interesting and relevant. To increase interaction, invite individuals to contribute their tales or host competitions. Continue to stay one step ahead of them by anticipating future challenges and providing fresh solutions. If you haven’t heard from a certain consumer in a long period of time, don’t be scared to contact them. Even if your efforts do not immediately result in sales, they will go a long way towards keeping your brand front of mind with your customers.

Trust is the foundation of all successful businesses. When two people get into business together and if there is no trust, the business may fail. And your business is composed of simply two individuals: you and the consumer. Given the critical nature of trust to your business, you must make active efforts to foster it. By initiating relationships with new and existing consumers, you earn their trust.

According to Concerto Marketing Group’s report, 83% of customers will promote your brand to others if they trust it. While 82% will continue with your brand if they believe in it. This implies that when you establish and grow trust, your consumers will gladly promote your brand – for free.

Create campaigns that are not promotional

While the pandemic has enabled companies to save thousands of dollars on rent and office expenditures by having all staff work remotely, the supply chain shutdown may backfire in the long haul customers may cancel their service contracts due to a lack of immediate requirements. Therefore, emphasize on maintaining existing clients. Increase your customer’s trust by demonstrating compassion and concern for them, rather than disappearing from the face of the planet. Contact them through email and enquire about their well-being and the steps they are doing to deal with the current uncertainties.

Compassionate Leadership

We’ve become accustomed to being retargeted and sold to for yet another free webinar, where we receive an email from a business that has forgotten about us for ages wishing us and our family a safe and healthy holiday. Rather than sending the same email as other businesses, consider sending an email with nothing to click on. Send an email outlining your company’s mission and goals. Share tales about how your staff are connecting and how you’re giving back to the community. Avoid selling. Avoid marketing. Simply demonstrate kindness.