Hacks to grow your social media

With the growing popularity of eCommerce platforms and the digitalisation of the current world, social media has played an important part in connecting individuals all over the world in only a few taps.

Whatever your goal is—whether it’s to communicate with peers, sell items, or share knowledge and awareness—the core function of social media is neatly summarised in just two phrases. Social and media. Connection, data, and a platform.

Social media was first popular with teenagers, but over time, it has become popular with people of all ages. What’s amazing about social media is that almost all of them are free platforms, allowing you to create an account or two with a few clicks!

Visual content

Without a surprise, optimised, shareable visual content — whether photographs, infographics, or social video — is the No. 1 social media development hack for promoting and growing your business. The trick is to create visuals that are not just professional, eye-catching, and engaging, but also optimised for the platform you’re targeting. This has included the following:

  • Interesting header graphics on blog entries that can be easily shared on all platforms.
  • Informative, interesting infographics on blog posts (not just educational information made pretty, but helpful, actionable data)
  • Insightful, useful social videos with compelling calls to action
  • Social media graphics that strike out but also drive people to participate or take action (from Instagram Stories to Twitter photos).

Utilize Reviews

With reviews influencing 93 percent of online transactions, you’ll want to capitalise on customer feedback to your products and services.

Reviews not only enhance sales, but they can also increase website traffic and consumer trust.

Invite customers to submit reviews about your brand or products whenever and wherever they can, including on third-party sites like as Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and others. Both on-site and off-site testimonials are critical for increasing your trust and nurturing customers (plus, they result in great content).

Make Use of Interactive Content

When it comes to quality material, interactive content is never far behind. Quizzes, calculators, polls, giveaways, and chatbots are examples of interactive content that can help you stand out from the crowd. They are appealing and entertaining, and they serve as a great lead magnet.

Did you know that interactive content generates twice the amount of interaction as static information? Furthermore, 88 percent of marketers use interactive content to differentiate themselves. So, what’s keeping you from utilising them to produce great leads?

For example, if you provide car financing options, providing a questionnaire like this will help your prospects discover how you can better assist them.

Make an investment in keywords

Finding the correct keywords for your type of product, business, and industry can be difficult; this is why employing keyword research tools can help discover what kind of phrases will help get your content on the first page of search engines.

What’s odd is that ‘keyword’ can be a bit confusing and misleading because when people attempt to find the greatest jet ski’s, for example, they will search ‘where to buy jet ski’s’ or ‘best jet ski’s near me,’ which isn’t just a word.

Finding the appropriate keywords for your social media can help you understand your target audience’s thought process and eventually help them discover you. You’ll be able to interact with your audience more effectively if you understand their desires and needs, as well as how they engage through keywords based on their wants and requirements.

Most of the time, people who search for keywords on social media are looking for engagement and conversation rather than a query. As a result, it is critical to evaluate the difference in strategy when using keywords in social media versus search engines.

Several keyword research tools, such as Google AdWords (which is free) and other keyword tool alternative solutions, will provide SEO advice and show you keyword ideas, feedback for suggested keywords, and statistical data on these keywords such as search volume, average monthly searches, competition level, and how much people are willing to pay for those specific keywords.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best social media hacks for reaching out to people who aren’t already following you.

They’re also a terrific way to keep track of your material. You can use trendy hashtags in your industry as well as your own hashtag that is uniform across all of your social media platforms.

For the longest period, hashtags have been used in big marketing initiatives. Take, for example, Coca-well-known Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign.

Consider creating a hashtag contest to motivate your customers to actively post content. Consumers can use the hashtag to share photos or videos. Ideally, this interaction will cause your hashtag to trend, which will increase engagement and brand recognition.

Even if you are fully fatigued by never-ending content needs, using these five social media content hacks will allow you to not only refresh your existing content portfolio, but also begin to rebuild and rebrand if desired.

We are social media specialists and have deep end-to-end knowledge of how to utilise different social media for business. We understand each social media platform and know that an omni-channel approach is essential in today’s ever changing digital landscape. We will work with your brand to amplify your story digitally via various channels that best suit each campaign and your brand.