Five reasons why you should use Google Ads

Google Ads enables you to enjoy the benefits of internet advertising by displaying your ads to the right audience, in the right location, and at the correct time. It has various advantages, here we have listed a few that are very important:

Google’s vast reach and user base

Today, Google has evolved from a brand to a movement. And this is because, nowadays, when individuals have a query that has to be answered, their first port of call is generally Google.

Do you want to know if there is a treatment for the knee pain you have been experiencing? Even before heading to the doctor’s, most people would Google it. The search engine handles an obscene amount of over 2 trillion searches like these every year. Which adds up to over 5 billion searches per day.

Within this are people looking for answers to concerns that your company can provide. If they have ever used the internet, they have probably Googled the solution to a question. And if you can assist them in finding the answer, even if it is through an advertisement, they are more inclined to select you over your competition.

Personalise your own budget

Securing a click can cost a company hundreds of dollars. Lengthy keywords in the legal profession can cost up to $1,000 per click, however, fortunately most keywords do not. Even if they do, one benefit of utilising Ads is the ability to set daily budgets, maximum bids, and other parameters. That way, you can be assured that even if you do not keep a close eye on your account, you will never spend more than you desire. This means you have complete control over the budget for your Google Ads campaigns.

You can also set a monthly budget and alter it depending on the performance graph. When an ad is doing really well, you might want to boost its ad expenditure to achieve the desired maximum outcomes. It also works in the opposite direction to reduce ad cost on a low-performing ad. This can altogether help eliminate the ads not doing well.

Results are in an easy-to-read format in Google Ads

You will not know how to improve if you do not know what you are doing incorrectly. Several analytics interfaces make determining what that is nearly impossible.

Fortunately, Google is known to simplify everything. Discover basic statistics such as clicks, impressions, keyword budget, and so on, or go even more in-depth with a Google Analytics integration. It enables you to observe precisely how viewers behave on your website, right to what they clicked, where they proceeded next, and the duration they stayed.

Build and raise brand awareness

When most people hear the term “Google Advertisements,” they immediately think of boosting traffic through pay-per-click ads on search engine results pages. However, Google advertising is more adaptable than that. They can also be an excellent strategy for increasing brand awareness.

Building trust with your visitors requires you to reinforce your brand identity, personality, reputation, and so on. The more you do these things regularly, the better your brand will grow and the more trust you will gain from consumers. And it is trust that will bring you purchases and loyal consumers in the end.

Even if prospective buyers do not go through the Ads search network, they will see your brand, tagline, what you provide, and whatever else you utilise your copy and extensions to highlight. You may also prioritise brand awareness by showing your ad to more people via the Ads display network. Then concentrate on clicks or conversions. Both tactics enable advertisers to reaffirm their company’s key features and, as a result, reinforces its brand.

Get more conversions

Google considers post-click landing page experience when determining which ads are shown to browsing prospects. According to an AdWords support page, post-click landing page experience is Ads’ measure of how well your website provides consumers who click your advertising with exactly what they are looking for—promptly and conveniently.

The URL consumers land at after clicking your ad is your post-click landing page, and the experience you provide influences your Ad Rank, and thus your cost-per-click and position in the ad auction. Your ads may appear less frequently (or not at all) if they link to websites that provide a bad user experience.

Other Ad networks that do not value landing page quality will allow you to drive online consumers to any random page. It may be a homepage or an “about” page, which would quickly deplete your money because visitors do not want to go looking for themselves what you assured them in your ad.

However, in order for your advertising to get viewed on Google’s network, you must first create a highly compelling post-click landing page. And when you create a very persuasive post-click landing page, you will optimise ad spend for two reasons: Message alignment, concentrated design.

Here are mentioned five reasons, but the benefits are much more than one can see.

If your still not sure of how your business can benefit from Google Ads, contact us and we can analyse and provide an in-depth explanation of what profits it can bring for your specific business. We will take care of your Ads needs from start to finish, so that your results are maximised.